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Hello! Smart info: tickets are often sold out, so if there are no more tickets available online, there are also none at the reception. And online tickets are up to 40% cheaper! Book a ticket! >>

Welcome to Smart Kids Planet!
First edutainment centre for kids in Poland

If you wonder what to do with kids in Warsaw – here we are!

We are taking you on a journey to a small planet of big explorers, a world of limitless imagination, space adventures and sports fever. Extraordinary attractions and fascinating workshops will awaken creative thinking and a hunger for knowledge in your child, while having just so much fun.

At Smart Kids Planet you will find as many as 5️⃣0️⃣ engaging and inspiring attractions divided into 9️⃣ zones. And all of that in the heart of Warsaw, on a 1600 sq. m space at The Norblin Factory. Here they will develop their competencies of the future, learn cooperation, and get to know the latest technologies as well as develop good ecological habits.

Be ready for a fun-packed family day out with children aged 0-10! There’s no better plan for a spare and valuable time with Kids in Warsaw.

Best indoor kidspace in Warsaw

Let’s have a look at a brief introduction. Below you can find attractions and zones description, gallery, tickets Information, group visit & birthday parties offers and contact information.

Smart Kids Planet is the best thing to do in Warsaw with Kids!

Attractions and zones

In our edutainment space the world is experienced through all of senses, imagination has no limit and learning is pure fun. 

Learn about nine zones of Smart Kids Planet!

what to do with kids in Warsaw? Smart Play i Neat package zone!

Neat package

through which children develop skills of cooperation and logical thinking, forming good
habits in everyday life.

Age: 3-10

Apple Orchard

How are store shelves filled? What is the journey of organically grown fruits? Find out for yourself!
Age: 2-10

what to do with kids in Warsaw? Play shop!

Smart Shopping

through which children learn the basics of entrepreneurship and healthy eating while having fun!
Age: 3-10


which helps the development of motor and perception skills in little ones
Age: 0-3

Explore – Station Galaxy

which takes children to space on an interactive journey
Age: 3-10

Imagine – Station Galaxy

which unveils the world of magic through the use of cutting-edge technology
Age: 3-10


which teaches children ecology and good habits
Age: 3-10

Strefa Twórz


which allows children to let their creativity flow unhindered
Age: 3-10


Where you will face our goalkeeper in a penalty shootout duel and test your dribbling skills.
Age: 3-10


Smart Kids Planet is designed for children aged 0-10. Everyone attending Smart Kids Planet is required to hold a valid ticket. Children aged 1-2 need an Early Years Ticket with discounts. 
We make sure that children can play comfortably at Smart Kids Planet, so the number of entries for each hour is limited.
We highly encourage you to purchase tickets online, as they are up to 40% cheaper than tickets at the front desk.
We want to avoid the disappointment of not having available tickets on site. Let’s be smart and buy tickets online with guaranteed entry. The online payment system is simple
r and faster.
For a full price list please check our booking site:

What’s more?

For additional information contact us at

Smart Kids Store is an online store with toys and products for children created for conscious parents. It is here, in one place, without leaving home and without having to spend hours paging through the Internet, you will find only selected products and toys that positively affect the development of your children.

This is where you will find a unique selection of toys for your child!

Our mission

Our mission is to educate in an innovative manner through training of motor, perception and creative skills, as well as the ability to work in a team, while keeping child’s basic needs met: security, a sense of belonging, social interaction, a sense of meaning and acceptance. We teach children the most important facts, titbits and laws of the universe, while inspiring them to take active part in the creation of our reality in the time of progressing technological advancement.

Unforgettable adventure

We will make sure that every visit in Smart Kids Planet in an unforgettable adventure. Our offer will be regularly re-matched to your needs, so that each time you will come back hungry for more smart fun at its finest. Now you know what to do with kids in Warsaw! Play smart!

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How to get here?


Smart Kids Planet
is located at Norblin Factory in Warsaw:

Żelazna 51/53
00-841 Warszawa
Plater Building, level -1.

Are you interested in collaboration?
Do you have some questions?

Send us an e-mail: 
or call:
+48 727 770 880

Parking and public transport

If you decide to drive, you can use the underground car park. Almost 500 parking spaces are available for our guests. The entrance to the car park is from Prosta Street. Download the NORBLIN FACTORY APP and get a discount for the first 2 hours of parking.

  • Directly next to one of the historic buildings of the Norblin Factory is the Norblin 05 stop served by 109, 178, N45 and N95 buses. From Żelazna Street, Norblin 06 stop is served by the 157 bus.
  • Not far away are two M2 metro stations, Rondo Daszyńskiego and Rondo ONZ.
  • Buses serving Rondo ONZ: 109, 160, 174, N12, N13, N14, N16, N21, N44, N46, N62, N63, N64, N71, N95
  • Trams serving Rondo Daszyńskiego: 1, 9, 11, 14, 22, 24, 25

See how to get there.

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